Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

As we reach the end of 2012 we wish to take a little time to reflect and to give thanks.

Early in 2012 we began the first steps of developing our comedy feature film, MEGABALL$. We fine tuned our offering, created MegaBalls Movie LLC, thanks to the efforts of legal counsel Jonathan Fischer. We revised and updated our Project Overview, pre-scouted locations, created our Twitter account (@Oroloro) and grew our base of followers in Facebook. We quickly shot a teaser, and short video of the story-behind-the-story, and uploaded them to our website (www.MegaBallsMovie.Com) and our YouTube account (OroloroSM) where they have been viewed all over the world.

We began meetings, in New York - Florida - Los Angeles, with potential investors while building relationships with distributors and fellow producers. We confirmed the key players on our production team. We met with several actors for lead roles, and have commitments from Joe Gannascoli (Vito Spatafore of THE SOPRANOS) and Joyce Randolph (Trixie Norton of THE HONEYMOONERS), and interest from others. Our first investors were Mike and Rayanna Bramblett - and we greatly appreciate their faith and support.

The screenplay is essentially finished, though occasionally it's fined-tuned. The response from those who have read it is extremely positive.

We attended the 2012 IFP Film Market in NY. These efforts have added to branding and to raising awareness/interest of the film and its progress. These efforts have resulted in:
  • 420 Twitter followers
  • 288 Facebook followers
  • 167 YouTube subscribers
  • Teaser Video has been viewed 14,782 times
  • Story Video has been viewed 16,701 times
We have designed a mobile APP and received several bids for its programming. The APP, which is actually featured in the film, will be a unique way to promote the film while creating a small revenue stream. Today we updated the film's website with new animations (WWW.MegaBallsMovie.Com).

2013 will provide us with great opportunities to move forward. SEC guidelines will change in ways that will be favorable for funding the film. We have several meetings planned early in January which hold great promise for both funding and promoting the film. We'll be attending the Miami Film & Media Market in late January, thanks to our casting director and associate producer, Ellen Jacoby.

Most of all - we'd like express thanks for all the wonderful faith and encouragement from our families, friends, and our team in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Texas, Florida, Chicago and the New York area. It is with their help and support MEGABALL$ will become a reality. Among them are: Ellen Jacoby, Elizabeth Wentworth, Allan Schollnick, Salina West, Jonathan Fischer, Joyce Randolph, Don Pippin, Dejan Georgevich, Melanie Norton Scheller, Rosemary Ponzo, Sanna Choe Lund, Rebecca Damon, Tom Fabrizio, Dave Cadena, Alan Gershowitz, Arch Smith, David Mitchell, Keith Thomas, Rachel Kadushin, Anne St. James, Mike and Rayanna Bramblett, Eileen Maranzano, Erin Wahl, Doug Redenius, Achilli Raspantini, Beth Rosen, Liz Zazzi, Dave Bachman, Bill Pepe, Gini Dustin, Jim McLean, Joe Gannascoli, John 'JB' Bruno, John Gallagher, Sylvia Caminer, Lisa Norman, Lou Mastantuono, McKenzie Westmore, Nick Sakai, Rolando Eddy, Ruben Brache, Nandina Lesmerises.....and so many more...

We are blessed to have this wonderful group hoping and helping!

May 2013 be full of good health, joy and prosperity!

Warmest regards,

Marc & Joe

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

An APP a day ...

We're developing a mobile APP for MegaBall$. The purpose is to both promote and 'brand' the film, but to create an entertaining and functional APP theme related to the film.

Within the story line a character does create an APP - and it dawned on us, why not make the APP for real!? We've been working with three programmer/designers and have refined what the APP will do, and we're now waiting on bids. Once we have chosen the vendor and know our price, we'll begin a separate effort to fund the APP.

67.5% of the American population buy lotto tickets on a regular basis creating a $56 billion US Lottery industry in 2012. The largest-ever lotto jackpot worldwide was the US MegaMillions jackpot which totaled $656 million on March 2012. Popular lotto-based APPs have been downloaded more than 100,000 times. The demand is huge and these buyers represent not only a market for the MegaBall$ mobile APP, but an audience for the film.
Additionally, the APP will be used to sweeten any product placement/donation deals allowing those companies to advertise on the APP, which will be available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones/tablets.
We are examining the possibility of doing a reading of the screenplay and, if we do, that would also be the launch of the APP. The reading will be to hear the script read before a live audience where, hopefully, potential investors and distributors will be in attendance. The first reading would be in New York, at the historical actors club - The Lambs. Two additional readings may be considered for Los Angeles and south Florida.
The promotional side will allow users to view the teaser, and when the film is completed they will see the trailer. Users may opt to follow our Twitter or Facebook accounts, and they will occasionally receive project update notifications. Users will also be able to see showtimes/places of the film's screening and purchase a download to their phone/tablet.
The funtional side is about .... well, we won't say yet. But it will be practical and entertaining.
Stay tuned!