Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Think Outside the Frame # 3

Build that list!

While you, the filmmaker, are busy working on all the things that must be done to develop and produce a film, don’t neglect building your email list. We prefer using Mail Chimp – it’s easy to use and allows you to create different lists rather than mush your contacts all together. Mail Chimp also allows you to the place a widget on your website so visitors can add themselves to a list and has a free APP so you can enter contacts on the fly from any mobile device. Mail Chimp also allows the recipient to easily unsubscribe.

Create separate lists for different uses. We’ve divided our lists into a “general contacts”  (my audience base), investors (for special reports) and press contacts.

Search the web for bloggers that have something in common with your film.  For example, MEGABALL$ has a lottery theme to it so we busy ourselves scouring blogs and websites about the lotto/lottery. When you found a good page find a contact email if available, and add them to our list. Perhaps send them an email introducing your film and offering to exchange links on your website.

Every time you see a report or review about a film on TV, in a magazine or newspaper (print or online), the author usually posts their email address. Copy it. Use Twitter? Many Twitter users post their email or web site. Add it to your list.

Check out the many film distribution companies online or on IMDB Pro, and add their email to a list.

Use your lists wisely – posting too often or sending vague emails will turn off the recipient and they’ll unsubscribe. Don’t forget to have in your email your film’s web site, Twitter address, Facebook page, Pinterest…etc.

When your film starts to move you’ll be prepared to promote it.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Think Outisde the Frame #2

So what do you do next? You have your killer script and log line. You've done research and created a business plan / project overview, and you've worked with an entertainment lawyer to set up your investor offering (probably a Private Placement Memorandum) and the production entity (probably an LLC). You have your budget, shooting schedule, revenue projections. Perhaps you have a teaser and a web site. You've practiced your pitch, the short one and the long one. Maybe you have artwork, such as a poster or one sheet....and you have an investor one sheet, and a PowerPoint presentation  You're ready to meet with investors, but how do you prep for the actual meeting?
Here's what we do.

We have everyone of our documents converted into PDF's with embedded links and, when needed, we print paper copies. We invested in a Velo binding machine to make the packages professional.

We have embraced the world of Google - it's free, why not? We have a Google Drive that contains all the documents  - both the original and the PDF version. Some prefer DropBox, which is also fine. Or, if you're a real techy, you can have all the docs loaded into your web site with hidden links. This allows all of my team access to the documents from anywhere, and it allows me to access them on the fly, on my cell phone or tablet. I can email them from anywhere when a request comes in, rather than need to wait to I get back home - a big bonus if/when you travel. There's a new APP called Google Slide which reads/edits/saves PowerPoint files and lets you display the slide show right from your portable device. And, if needed, we can access the files and them printed/bound locally when we're out of town. And all of this is very "Green."

We're ready! No matter where we are, or when an opportunity arise, we can share the details with whomever.