Sunday, August 28, 2011

Test fallout

It's really a shame. In an effort to pull together a project, MegaBalls, which would create jobs for NY based SAG members, we took certain steps. The first was a camera/edit test. To see how the Pentax K-x DSLR would handle, and to test/learn the Sony Vegas editing system. a 50-sec piece was put together, filmed without sound, no dialogue, no crew, for $0 ... and if all went well we'd then try to raise funds to shoot a more extensive piece to help attract investors. We added in SFX, titles, etc. The test went very well. We were pleased with the result. The full 5-min teaser would be shot under SAG terms using some of the actors we'd use in the actual film.

However, we are now in SAG elections and there are those who have labeled me a non-union producer for political gain. Seriously?  So, because of these vitriolic attacks, we've suspended the efforts for the full teaser until further notice. No matter what we do next, our actions will be twisted into fodder against me.

For the record, should anyone bother - no movie has been made (Union or non-union). No money has been earned...nothing has been sold...nothing has been distributed...or viewed by investors. A simple 50-sec camera test (no dialogue, no sound) has been turned into some bizarre political attack against me. I'm Marc Baron. I'm on the SAG Board and running for re-election. Please don't let these lies poison the pool.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Test 2

The camera and edit test went well, and we are satisfied with the results. The total piece edited to 50 seconds, plus text at the ends making it a total of 104 seconds.

We'll do second test using sound. (The first test was shot without sound because there was no dialogue.)....This will be a test about synching/editing the sound from the camera to match that of an external digital mic/recorder.

If all goes well, then we'll beging writing a teaser, and look find a samll amount of funding so we can sign with SAG and shoot a teaser with the actors we'd like to use in the feature film.