Monday, August 27, 2012

What's Going on Now

Join our Facebook Group where we have fun. For example, the current trending is taking a famous line from a movie and replacing one word with "MegaBall$" .... there have been many very creative and funny posts!!/groups/oroloro/ You can also follow our progress on Twitter @Oroloro.

Our videos are gaining some momentum. The 1-minute TEASER now has over 14,660 hits, the Story Behind the Story has over 16,600 hits! Check them out!

Our Web Site has had some fine-tuning - there's even a donation page should anyone feel generous and helps us continue all our efforts to finance the film. We spent many thousands of dollars out-of-pocket and feeling the 'pinch.' There's still much to do, such has attending the IFP Filmmaker Week in New York this September.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yasoo YouTube?

We've been pushing viewers to our MegaBalls teaser...and it's been paying off. As of today we are just shy of 14,200 views! 151 Likes, 112 comments, and 128 channel subscribers.

If you haven't watched the 1-minute teaser yet - CLICK HERE
You can also watch a video about the story-behind-the-story CLICK HERE

And a short video where casting director Ellen Jacoby tells how much she likes the script, along with positive comments by Elizabeth Wentworth, who was the Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County film commissioner for over 20 years. CLICK HERE

For those who truly want to support us but find investing out of reach, we'll be adding a donate button to our web site. We've spent more than just time, and there's more needed ahead. So any and every dollar is appreciated. Watch this addition in the next few days! (And all the videos mentioned above are on our web site.)

Keep following our progress - we need all the support we can!

Twitter @Oroloro
Facebook Group: Oroloro

Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Imitates art?

Here's a recent new story that truly parallels part of the story line of MegaBall$. In our film's story, an insurance actuary is determined to prove there is a probability in predicting lotto tickets. All the conditions are right for his big win, but he needs 500,000 tickets to win. He is so obsessed with proving his theory he fails to use good judgement, and gets $500,000 from two older Italian men. Overtime he believes he's gotten involved with the mob and will be killed because, if he wins they'll want the $120 million dollar jackpot, and if his formula fails he's lost their $500,000. There's many surprises at the ending and this loser may actually be a winner. The 'tag line' is "Ya never know when your numbers' up."

Now the reality.
A group of MIT students had found a way to beat the lottery in Massachusetts!
MegaBall$ is now financing $700,000 needed to produce and market the film. Maybe we should by some lotto tickets? After all, our story came first!