Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Workng hard ...

The screenplay for MEGABALL$ is getting great feedback. One new contact in Hollywood said it's one of the best screenplays she read in a very long time. She caught all the hidden references and even thinks we should consider a possible sequel.

Our lawyer is working on finishing touches for the investors' document, called a private placement memorandum. There will be 100 units at $7k each. We'll form a separate LLC solely for the production of the film, tentatively called Megaballs, LLC. But ...

... a little flag on the play. Well, not really a flag, more of a fork in the road.

It seems that the Hollywood contact is working with a film finance group, and has asked to redo our budget to reach the $5-$5 million dollar range. The line producer who originally did our $700k budget is now working on the larger budget.  Things are heating up in a very good way.

Our strategy has been all along ... to get MEGABALL$ made, then follow-up with our two other romantic comedies, "LOVE OF A LIFETIME and HOT PROPERTIES at a higher budget.

One small hitch, though. In order to attract the fund our casting may change, and some of those local actors we had hoped to use may not make the cut. A few roles seem to have the 'meat' to attract bigger names. The fund wants to realize a profit and proper casting will not only increase the odds of getting distribution but may result in bigger sales.
Gonna be an interesting year!