Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Think Outside the Frame

Filmmakers should embrace the use of Pinterest while developing their film, adding yet another level to the film’s internet footprint.
You can create boards for ideals of locations, casting, themes, specialized props, etc. This creates a visual guide to how you see your film. We recently needed to replace our production designer. Our designer had left the business for a while to go back to college and study entertainment law. We had met several designers but one, Roger Ambrose, interested us because he had a long list of credits ranging from commercials, TV, film and theater….plus he had several Emmy awards. He read and liked our script, but he said what really sold him were the photos we had of ideal locations.
Another thing filmmakers need to do in advance of filming is to find online groups, blogs and associations that share a common interest featured in your film. In the case of MEGABALL$, the lotto/lottery is a big them…so every so often we search for blogs, Facebook pages, even news releases regarding the lottery, then post are reach out to the site owner introducing our film. The research led us to seven-time lottery winner Richard Lustig. Richard not only has a web site with frequent visitors, he also conducts seminars all over the country about how to improve your chances of winning.
Richard began emailing us and eventually we saw an opportunity, and we decided to have Richard appear as himself in a cameo in the film. Richard has been promoting our film through his appearances and has had his PR firm do some releases about the film. When the film is completed, part of our distribution plan is to coordinate screenings with Richard’s lectures.
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's important to use every opportunity to build your film's audience.

Many of you know I have an 'odd' little job, where I give tours about the HBO show, "The Sopranos." People from all over the world fill a bus every week to visit 50 locations used in filming, including the Bada Bing.

They are not allowed to take photos inside, and I saw an opportunity. I have photos taken sometime ago of the inside with the permission of the owner. At the end of each tour I welcome the clients to give me their email so I may send them the photos. The email with the photos thanks them for taking the tour and asks them to check out the web site for our film, MegaBall$. Then I add those names into a Mail Chimp list to use later on to continue promoting the film. The trick is to remind them they took the tour, and not over-send emails that may cause them to opt out.

So, what I'm doing is building a worldwide following with an interest in the Mob-genre who have met me in a memorable situation and are likely to follow our progess, and see the film when complete.

Always think of your film and how to promote it.

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