Sunday, July 28, 2013

Its' big business!

According to a recent report of the MPAA, film and TV is big business and has a massive impact the US economy. It's surprising there isn't more support of the industry, especially for the independents.

According to the report:

  • there are 240,000 jobs in the core business or producing, marketing and manufacturing of movies and TV shows.
  • there are 365,000 jobs in related businesses that distribute movies and TV to customers.
  • The industry is a major private sector employer supporting 1.9 million jobs and $104 billion in total wages (2011)
  • the industry increases the tax base by $16.7 billion

And from the MPAA theatrical statistics report:
  • Global box office for all films reached $34.7 billion in 2012, up 6% of 2011. US/Canada sales were $10.8 billion, also up 6% over 2011.
  • 2/3 of the world's nearly 130,000 cinemas are now digital.
  • Movie admissions for US/Canada hit 1.36 billion, up 6% from 2011.
  • The 5 top states by numbers of moviegoers (in order) are CA, TX, NY, FL, IL
  • Of the top 25 grossing films of 2012, 19 were PG and PG-13 (our film, MegaBall$, would be a PG-13 rating).
Wow, that's a lotta ziti!