Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another Attachment

We're happy to add Jack Mulcahy to our MEGABALL$ cast, playing the role of FBI Agent Harris. Jack's not only a nice guy, he's had a great acting career that spans film, TV and stage. Best known for his work in the comedy film PORKY'S and PORKY'S II, and in Edward Burns' film THE BROTHERS MCMULLEN.
We speak geek ... and we know Jack.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wheels keep a turning ...

We're pleased to announce that MEGABALL$ has now listed on, an industry-based web site where pre-vetted contacts can view projects. They include executive producers, producers, distributors, sales reps and...investors!  Slated has been building a lot of buzz as it established itself as the go-to site for independent films budgeted over $500k and below $15mil, and their success rate is growing.

On Monday we met with Ted Hartley, President and CEO of RKO Pictures, that grand historic film company. Ted's a very friendly guy and into many things, including producing some theater musicals. He made it clear he'd like to talk about distribution when the time is right.

Later this month we'll be attending the GI Film Festival in Washington DC, and after that there may be some trips to LA.
Slamdance Screenplay Competition, one of the most respected in the industry, has responded on MEGABALL$ stating, "The premise is a lot of fun and keeps the reader engaged, making for a very marketable story. ...Straight-forward and well-executed plot line in place....similar tone to AMERICAN HUSTLE."

We feel the film is more like Tony Soprano meets the BIG BANG THEORY ... or GOODFELLAS meets THE OFFICE.
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