Thursday, November 15, 2012

Attended the Digital Hollywood Summit NYC 2012 today - and more tomorrow. Many good panel discussions about taking advantage of the digital world when promoting and marketing films.

Hoping more will follow us on Twitter @Oroloro and refer to #MegaBall$.

We're still refining the design of the MegaBall$ APP and getting estimates - it's going be a useful and fun application that will also promote the film.

We've also been thinking a little about the storyline of MegaBall$ and how it applies in real life. 67% of the population regularly plays the lottery/lotto/Megamillions/Powerball. Please comment below: Do you play the lottery - and have you ever won more than $100.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


We're slowly recovering from the affects of hurricane Sandy. Although we have sustained some damages we're grateful that our friends and family are safe. We certainly hope you are all well!

In short time we'll continue our efforts to promote and finance our comedy film, MEGABALL$...and we're keeping as active as circumstances allow.

We're pleased that over the past week interest continues to grow and our 'numbers' are up. Our Twitter account nears 300 followers and our Facebook group has 282 followers.

Our video "The Story Behind MegaBall$" has 16,665 views. The video 'Teaser'  has 14,736 views from 82 different countries; our YouTube Channel has 171 subscribers. Please feel free to encourage your friends to view these videos and to ask them to follow our progress on Twitter and Facebook....and ask the same of their friends

The film's website continues to attract good traffic and we've added a page for comments from persons who have read the screenplay. We frequently review and edit the screenplay - to make the film 'tight' and filming efficient.

We have gotten our first estimate on a MegaBall$ APP, which will help promote the film throughout the various stages of production and sales. The design of the APP is not only for marketing, but it will randomly select numbers for lotto games while 'speaking' a line from the film. We also hope to add a similar feature to our web site. We plan to have the APP running before we begin production, and all our supporters and investors will be the first to receive the APP. (FYI the APP is featured within the film!)

The damages and costs associated with hurricane Sandy will limit interest from local investors for some, as we continue to set up meetings we'll need to depend more on networking to find other potential investors. We are also looking for other sources of funding, such as grants and 'crowdsourcing,' to combine with private equity financing. We have responded to encouraging requests from the Tribeca Institute and submitted for one of their grants. There remain several interested individuals considering financial involvement.

We greatly appreciate your support and faith!

Best regards,
Marc Baron & Joe Cirillo
Oroloro Entertainment, LLC / MegaBalls Movie, LLC

Thursday, November 1, 2012

We hope all our friends and followers have managed to get through hurricane Sandy safely.
To to the demands of the damages here, we'll be off line for a few days....but we'll be continuing our efforts to produced MEGABALL$ soon.

A recent trip to Los Angeles included a few meetings, but overall plans were changed because of problems with return flights to New York. We'll report on those meetings soon.